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*The following are dedicated portfolio samples from original stories, utilizing storyboard pipelines learned on the job.*                                              

(Action/Comedy) Punk Ass Pirate Donkey (2024)

Sci fi heist story with a choreographed action setpiece.

(Dialog-driven Comedy) Dumpster Fire (2023)

Conversational comedy short inspired by Atlanta and the Boondocks.

(Dialog-driven Comedy/Music Video) 'Night Walkies' (2022)     

Slice of life conversational comedy short followed by a music video set piece.

(Action/Comedy) 'GYRO MEAT' (2019) [Made in Storyboard Pro]       

Action short mostly occupied by a large, high energy hand-to-hand fight scene. Inspired by Dead Leaves, Jackie Chan films & the Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim. 

(Action/Comedy) 'HUSTLEGRIND' (2018) [Made in Storyboard Pro]       

Action short with high-energy supernatural fight scene.  

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